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Our engineers, through their decades of experience, are able to perform any repair, development, or replacement work in any electrical network safely and quickly.

With our full range of professional facility management services, you can gain access amenities that save you time, energy, and money.


As a Hungarian small and medium enterprise, we can faced with many problems, problems, and administrative burdens, and – while there are changes – it will not be easier for entrepreneurs to run their company profitable.

About us

We, the AIOS Group, are committed to helping those who have faced a task or problem that makes their daily lives more difficult. Whether it is a malfunction in the most common household amenities or to ensure the smooth running of your business, you can count on us.
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Our vision..

Provide a service that saves time, energy and money to those who respect us with their trust and choose Us.
We would like to take the burden off your shoulders which cause annoyance and absorb energy and time from the activities makes your life joyful.

What We guarantee